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Pre-owned Pianos

Updated Oct. 3, 2020

Petrof Semi-Concert Grand

Stunning 7’5” Petrof semi-concert grand piano. One of the most amazing sounding pianos you ever played. Sells new for over $100,000.00.

Petrof 46" Studio

Gorgeous studio piano in polished mahogany, chippendale cabinet. Hand built in the Czech Republic. Fabulous piano that sells new for over $20,000.00.

C. Beckstein Grand


Vintage Steinway Grand

Steinway Model A grand. Call or Text for details


Steinway 45" Upright

Studio piano in walnut. All original parts. List price new is $38,000.00

Samick Concert Grand

9’ Concert Grand Piano. This instrument was built for a Music industry trade show using the best materials to show the quality to piano dealers. This has an amazing sound and would work great in an auditorium or church situation. Sells new for over $100,000.00.

Baldwin Hamilton Studio

REFINISHED Baldwin Hamilton studio piano. Walnut finish. The most popular studio piano ever built. Great starter piano.

Kimball Baby Grand

Kimball baby grand in pristine oak finish with bench.
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